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Tomorrow, Land

After 10 days of stressing over the next thunderstorm, rushing to Antara and spending nights on board chewing our nails about if the mooring will hold; we decided to speed up our plans for Bombay.
On October 17th we set off on our first long sail on Antara. Casting off at 1030 that morning, we cruised our way to Ratnagiri, reaching there the next morning. We came alongside one of the tugs used by Finolex, in their beautiful anchorage at Pawas Bay. 
The Patankars ensured a warm welcome and Finolex followed suit. Casting off the next morning, Devdutt Patankar filmed our first video of Antara sailing with both sails up.
We sailed right into a squall and the wet weather saw us all the way through to Bombay. The winds gave us speed though and we moved at a regular clip of 6kts. After spotting the skyline at 1530 the next day, we had Murphy ensure that the winds came at us from our destination. Sail boats can only sail at an angle to the wind, so we spent a few hours tacking repeatedly, till …

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